What is Volunteer Weekly?

About volunteer weekly, about VW, what is volunteer weekly

Volunteer Weekly is a platform to bring together stories and resources on volunteering for individuals and organisations. Our hope is that by telling and re-telling these stories and insights, more and more people will find the inspiration to volunteer; more and more organisations will find resources to improve their volunteer engagement. What better way than that to celebrate volunteerism!

When Prarthana shared about Tactile calendars as gifts for visually challenged people in Bangalore, Ashima got the idea of doing tactile painting with blind and sighted children in Vadodara. When Neelam shared about her volunteering as a story-teller for children in Vadodara; Nitin in Bhopal got inspired to conduct storytelling sessions! When Ashima wrote how Responsible Volunteering is our responsibility; Margaret came forward to give valuable insights on how as volunteers, we can make sure responsibility before, during and after our volunteer travel. When Laura shared her experience of how a little thought on volunteer management can make a huge difference to the organisation, many wrote to us about the challenging they are facing and we helped them as much as we could!

That’s the magic we want to create. Bringing together volunteers and organisations to make volunteering a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for everybody – the volunteer ,the people he/ she is volunteering for and the organisation.

We are run entirely by volunteer contributions, their experiences and their drive to share it with others. Every article is a gift from the author and so are all the comments – gifts from the readers. We would love to hear and read your views on the articles here. We would love to share your experiences.

Most importantly, we love you for yourself because everybody makes a difference everyday!

about volunteer weekly, about vw, what is volunteer weekly, everybody makes a difference everyday

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