Bringing a smile

There is something special about them. They run down the corridors taking away all the worries and sadness and creating happiness and joy.

There is something special about clowns.

Lt. Cdr. Pravin Tulpule (Retd.), Indian Navy is a volunteer clown!

“Bringing a smile to everyone’s face is my dream. Despite the odds I am sure it can be achieved.” 

Lt Cdr Pravin’s first formal introduction to volunteering began with the SSL (Social Service League) at St. Xavier’s, Loyola Hall and Ahmedabad.

volunteer clowns, volunteer awards, iVolunteerHe says, “I am the Cheerleader and the Leader of all Toybank Parades and activities. At the marathon I literally become the ‘band leader’. I speak to strangers and sensitize them towards our cause. If the stupidity or clumsiness of this clown can make someone forget his/her discomfort for even a short while, my aim is achieved”

He doesn’t just clown around though. He has developed acts based on themes like ‘Anti- Gutkha’, ‘Cleanliness’, ‘Personal Hygiene’ and uses magic tricks as well to reach out to the masses, without sounding preachy. His acts use props, themes and story lines that are easy to follow along with speaking the local language and jargon.

Lt Cdr Pravin says,” More than anything else my greatest achievement through volunteering is introducing my children, friends and their friends to volunteering.”

volunteer clown, clowning
Pravin sharing his passion with his family


Pravin is Volunteer Hero nominated for the annual iVolunteer awards. Is there someone you know who as inspired you by their volunteer work? Nominate them today!

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