Make this holiday season a Giving Back season!

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Open the doors to a lifetime of Giving!

mumma I want to give these toys to poor kids, this will bring smile to their faces

Said a 4 yr old Nandini. Her mother (Monica) wondered “when did my daughter grew up?” A few days ago, on their way to Nandini’s dance class, Monica had shown Nandidi the rag-pickers’ dwellings and told her how these kids don’t have toys to play with or books to read or colour pencils etc. Little did she know that Nandini would become aware of this so quickly. She was always sharing her toys but it’s difficult for a child to completely give away their toys and her gesture made Monica proud. Very proud.

Fadra Nally expresses a similar feeling about understanding when her son become aware of the world around him in the post You are never too young to start giving. Imagine a 4-year-old saying:

Mommy, why don’t we share our money with people who are poor so we can all have money?

Gwen, a mother of two, also writes about how teaching kids about giving back doesn’t have to be complicated. She shows how simple things like buying toys for the less fortunate, going through clothes and toys for donations and dropping donations together can make compassion a way of life for children.

Your excess can be someone else’s fortune! So many of us (me included!) have a tendency to hoard things. I buy new clothes, but am not ready to let go of the older. I have clothes that I haven’t worn even once in the last 6 months and yet I convince myself that I have to keep the older one because of some story behind it or because I just might one day wear it!

It’s holiday season and it’s time for gifts (giving and receiving both!). It’s a great time to teach kids and ourselves to give back!

Check out more tips at the Boys and Girls Club of America. Here are also a couple of children’s books that encourage them to Give Back!

Teaching kids how to give back

The giving book, Children Giving back

This holiday season my niece has inspired me to clean up my cupboard. I’m donating clothes, stationary and kitchen item to people on the streets. I will just put them in my car; go to a nearby slum and give.

Time to clean up!

Happy holidays, happy giving and feeling rich because

Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much. – Erich Fromm

How are you Giving Back this holiday season?


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