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PJ Harris has always wanted to volunteer abroad. She believes in the power of positive global connections. That when we travel and volunteer we will soon come to see that everyone is the same. She shares her dream of volunteer travel; her limitations and how that limitation set in motion the process of starting a new organisation.

Who am I?

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Two of my favorite things to do are travel and be of service. Volunteering abroad has been a long-term dream of mine. While I have volunteered in other states, I have never been able to afford to volunteer internationally. I have listened with longing over the years as friends would come home from their amazing experiences, forever changed by it. Hearing about under-served areas, animals and/or environments in need, I really wanted to help too. One day, I was thinking that there might be other folks out there just like me. There are people craving to bust open and change their lives by mixing adventure and volunteering to make the world a better place. Just like me, many are constrained due to funds. As a result of this financial limitation, I came up with the idea of VolunteerGO.

Crowd-funding for Volunteer Travelers

volunteer abroad, volunteer travel, voluntourism, volunteer GO, PJ Harris, fundraising for your volunteer travelVolunteerGO is a social good crowd-funding website helping folks volunteering abroad build campaigns to raise funds for their expenses. So between working part-time and recovering from a few medical setbacks, I am building my vision of helping others reach their dreams. Right now, I am in the “raise the money to build the website” stage. In May, we are having a fundraiser that is also a kick-off party for our crowd-funding campaign. The entire website building designers are finalised and, once we reach our funding goal, we are ready to GO.

Volunteering Abroad Makes a Difference

Why do I feel so strongly about the difference volunteering abroad can make? Because I believe the power in this type of service work is not just about helping …

…it is also about connection. The more people connect internationally the more we will see that we have brothers and sisters all over the world.

Why wouldn’t we want to support that? Volunteering abroad also provides folks with the opportunity to learn about other cultures. They take this information home with them and soon we have an educated global community. For instance, I have a friend that has been to Guinea a few times. I now know more about that country than any other country in Africa.

My Volunteer Travel Dreams

volunteer abroad, volunteer travel, voluntourism, volunteer GO, PJ Harris, fundraising for your volunteer travel
There is no place like faraway!

I am no spring chicken but I believe we are never too old to help. Once VolunteerGo is live, I would like to crowd-fund my dream to go volunteer either at a hospital in a developing country or with an organisation working on animal protection. If you have volunteered in either of these situations, I would love to hear about it.

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