GratiTUBE: Dear 10 year old me!

We loved this little experiment by soulpancake. They kept a desk, with notepad pencils (and a sharpener) and a mail box in a park. Then they asked strangers to write to their 10 years old self!

Take a trip through time and reach out to the younger you. If you can write a letter to your 10 year old self, what would you say to her/ him? What would I tell to the younger me?  I will tell her …

Dear 10 year old me,

Don’t wish that you were older! What you have right now is awesome. You go to school, you have fun, you play, you study, you fight with your sister, you eat, have fun and then sleep. It’s AMAZING! Growing up sucksJ. Though you will grow up into this pretty cool girl! You are in awe of your elder sister and she is that teenager who doesn’t want to  be seen with her kid sister. Don’t worry. She’s going to come around soon and love you like hell! By the way she is cheating you off your pocket money right now… so you need to get back to her on that! 😛

You’ve made some very amazing friends… these friends are going to be there with you way way into future so well done! You did a good thing when you started filling up your water bottle in school at the end of the day with cold water and offered it to people on the bus. You are a good kid. Have some more fun J. Study a little less; it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t come 1st. Play a little more. And lastly it’s not the end of the world if that boy didn’t return your smile! 😀


the 32 year old you.

Does it help to write to your younger self? Maybe if we write to our future self, we can actually read it at the time it was intended for. But we can’t go back in time ‘really’. So why write? Can’t answer for anyone else, but it did make me see how far I’ve come. How I’ve changed. How things classified as ‘life and death’ kept on changing with the years and maybe that’s something I need to remember for my future self too! 🙂

What would you write to your 10 year self? If you want to share it with us, we would love it. But even otherwise, do write that letter and read it to yourself! :).

Take Care!

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