GratiTUBE: Find Something new

The world is so big, it’s time that I grew.

So I’m off to the outside to find something new.

A lovely story and illustration by Daniel R. Pagan.

Sid is a tiny little seed who liked where he lived and never wanted to leave. Sid is happy with his life. He has friends to play games with; he has a bed and a place he calls home. Then why go out? Until one day, he finds himself alone. He decides to grow and move out of the hole! Little did he know that lovely things awaited him outside.

But why is Sid the hero of this week’s GratiTUBE video?

… because while Sid features in a children’s story book, he sends out a message to all of us.

We are all like Sid – Happy in our small cocoons; full of doubt and afraid of the unknown. Afraid to take chances; to go out; to find something new or to turn a new chapter. We are always able to convince ourselves for not leaving the comfort zone. But Sid’s story reminds us that the magic happens outside our comfort zone. Magic happens when we get that strange feeling in our stomach before starting something new.

gratiTUBE, magic, comfort zone, start something new, find something new, go out

Now is the time to make some more magic!

Now is the time to get that feeling again!

Now is the time to grow tall and enjoy the view.

 Towering tall and enjoying the view, Sid was now on the outside and he found something new!

GratiTUBE is a weekly series of inspirational videos. A video that brought a smile to our face; a video that filled our heart with warmth and a video that we want to share and multiply the effect it had on us! If you have come across a video that inspired you or made you smile, tell us about it!

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