GratiTUBE: Fireflies!

I love fireflies…

… they send secret messages to each other.

“Fireflies” is a beautiful story of love and friendship. In this short film, a young boy and his new autistic friend discover a shared language of their own – for their secrets! 🙂

The film, by Jubilee Project, hopes to increase awareness about Autism. Autism is an issue that is often misunderstood and stigmatized. Most often, people don’t see beyond the disorder and autistic children and adults are isolated. “Fireflies” is a hope that people will reach out to autistic individuals in their communities. It is a reminder that we each have beauty and can connect with others in unique ways. It is the passing glance of a stranger, the earnest offering of a flower, and the knowing smile of a shared secret.

The Jubilee Project was started by 3 friends – Jason, Eddie and Eric – to make videos for a good cause. Learn more about their story and work at Watch some of the most amazing short films on different causes like leukemia, autism and sex trafficking on their video channel.

autism awareness, gratiTUBE, Learn more about Autism at: Share the video to spread the message. See the Fireflies Behind the Scenes video at to learn about how and why they made the film.

Are you affected by autism? We would love to hear your story! Do you know someone who is autistic? We urge you to reach out and share your experience to increase awareness about autism.


GratiTUBE is a series of short videos – a video that inspired us; a video that brought a smile to our face; a video that filled our heart with warmth and a video that we want to share and multiply the effect it had on us! If you have come across a video that you would like featured here, tell us about it!

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