GratiTUBE: To all my teachers, with love

I had a huge smile on my face when I saw this video on Karmatube.


This commercial by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, beautifully portrays the true story of Edwin and his teacher, Mrs. Chong. Mrs. Chong goes beyond classroom teaching to nurture and bring the best out of her students. She recognized Edwin’s potential and his dreams and she was not willing to let him forget them either. Sharing a meal, sharing a conversation, guiding him, believing in him and reaching out to him even when he ignores her repeatedly – I am humbled by her selfless service to her profession!

During a recent service retreat by Moved by Love, Vipul had shared that

If you are willing to listen, everyone is a guru [teacher]

So true! Everyone and everything around us teaches something new, if we just listen. But teachers are entrusted with that role. After seeing this video, I was taken back to my childhood and younger days.  It was a trip down memory lane when I remembered my teachers through school, through college and university. How we used to trouble them so much and they would still love us.

Teachers are next to parents. They guide us, not just in our subjects but in life. I do not remember the curriculum, I do not remember all the subjects, but I remember my teachers.  I want to dedicate this video to all the loving and caring teachers I’ve had the privilege to learn from.

Take a moment to remember the teachers who have had an impact on your life and say thank you to them! It will make both of you very very happy 🙂

GratiTUBE is a weekly series of inspirational videos. A video that brought a smile to our face; a video that filled our heart with warmth and a video that we want to share and multiply the effect it had on us! If you have come across a video that inspired you or made you smile, tell us about it!

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