gratiTUBE: You are Loved!

Oh, how He loves us so…

If only we always remember that and keep that love ripple going! Beautiful video of a very special Valentine’s Day celebration by Grim Film.

With just about two weeks left for Valentines Day, we are starting to make as many paper roses as we can and then go out make new friends on the streets! How are you spreading the love this day?

Will you join us? Here’s a quick pic-tutorial for an easy – breezy paper rose! Also great for art with heart activities!


#artwithheart, paper rose, origami, valentines day, gratiTUBE, spread some love, reaching out to strangers


gratiTUBE is a series of short videos – a video that inspired us; a video that brought a smile to our face; a video that filled our heart with warmth and a video that we want to share and multiply the effect it had on us! If you have come across a video that you would like featured here, tell us about it!

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