I volunteer for…

As part of our volunteering celebrations for International Volunteer Day 2012, we asked 50 volunteers to answer in one word “Why do they volunteer?”. Below is a snapshot of the responses we received!

Why do I volunteer; I volunteer for ; IVD2012; International Volunteers Day
I volunteer for …

Tomorrow we will be celebrating IVD with 30 slum children by creating awareness about cleanliness and hygiene through a lot of games! We believe education should be fun and we are not giving them a lecture but playing a giant Snakes and Ladders! Here’s how we are going to play it:

Snake and Ladder on the ground:

  1. It will have usual number grid.
  2. Some of the grids will have sentences like “I threw the candy wrapper on the road” and that square will have a snake to take you down.
  3. Some squares will have sentences like “I wash my hands regularly” and that square will have a ladder to take you up!

More updates about it after the event!
Check out how volunteers and organisations in different countries are celebrating International Volunteers day at Action Counts!

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