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Now I am 72, but my days of volunteering are not over! I still love to contribute my time for any volunteering cause. My motto is ‘Give time for a Good cause’. – Sarla Mukund

I started volunteering to pass my time, now I have begun liking volunteering after seeing that I can make some difference in people’s lives. Connecting to different kinds of people also feels good. I couldn’t have spent my time better than volunteering. – Sandeep Mannan.

Sarla and Sandeep otherwise disconnected individuals, are comrades in arms, united by a common purpose. They are both volunteers! Just like them, thousands of volunteers are constantly contributing their time and skills in big and small ways across the nation.

In fact, India has a rich history replete with examples of dedicated volunteers. “We often overlook the fact that the entire freedom movement in India was driven by volunteer zeal!” says Shalabh Sahai, Co-Founder & Director, iVolunteer. He adds, “Unfortunately though, at the level of society – within families and institutions, among peers, at state and policy levels and in businesses – there is hardly any recognition of volunteers and volunteering. Today potential volunteers have little inspiration and almost no support to thrive on.”

iVolunteer awards - celebrating volunteerismVolunteers are constantly contributing towards India’s social development, but while they continue working in the background, awareness about volunteering is absent from the mainstream national psyche. The iVolunteer Awards aim to change this by celebrating, rewarding and promoting volunteerism and volunteers in India.

The awards will raise awareness around volunteering by sharing stories of volunteers and organisations that engage them. Stories that will ‘inspire by example’ and create an environment that will encourage more people to volunteer.

There are two categories for the iVolunteer Awards.

iVolunteer Awards: Volunteer Hero 2012

The ‘Volunteer Hero 2012’ award recognizes the work of individuals who volunteer their time and skills through a non-profit organizations for community development. In recognition of his/her contributions, the ‘Volunteer Hero’ will get a chance to attend the ‘Points of Light’s Conference’ at Washington D.C. (June 19 – 22, 2013). It is an opportunity for the volunteer to learn, connect and be inspired at the world’s largest gathering of volunteer and service leaders from the nonprofit, corporate and government sectors.

iVolunteer Awards: Leader in Volunteer Engagement 2012

The ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement 2012’ award recognizes the work of organizations who strategically engage volunteers to impact India’s social development. In recognition of their contribution, the ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement’ will be awarded 1 lakh rupees to support them to continue involving volunteers.

All applications received are segregated region wise – north, south, east and west and will be featured on our voting portal, for people to view and vote. The voting phase will begin on February 20, 2013 and will continue till March 1, 2013. Below is quick snapshot of the voting processiVolunteer Awards - voting process

“Involving the public ‘Janta’ enables us to make a deep engagement possible. It puts the power of information and choice in the hands of people”, says Shalabh Sahai.

The most popular entries, chosen basis public voting and strict screening by the experts, will be presented to a national jury, drawn from a pool of eminent personalities from areas such as academia and experienced people including those working in not-for-profit organisations and in the corporate sector. The National Jury will select one award winner per category. The national winner’s names will be announced on March 20, 2013 at a gala event in Mumbai.

At iVolunteer we believe, it does not matter who you are, where you come from. The power of triumph begins with ‘YOU’.

Your vote speaks of your support, appreciation and encouragement towards the contribution of individuals and organisations who are working tirelessly and often unnoticed towards building a better community.

So step up! Show your support. Even the smallest voice can make a difference in a big way. Inspire and be Inspired!

iVolunteer Awards

To know more about the awards visit us at awards.iVolunteer.in.

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