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I recently read a quote,

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.” ~William E. Gladstone

My first thoughts were “it’s so true; yet it’s so difficult.” Most people I know (myself included) are always looking for more from life. I’m happy with my life, but I don’t think I’m at the best point of my life and I strive for it to get better. And in that process, very often I fail to enjoy what I have and what I am.

My thought just went till there and then I forgot about it and got busy with work and supposedly “making something more of me and my life” 🙂

Today, when I came across this blog Kids with Compassion, I was reminded of that very quote again. I could see kids following the philosophy and I wondered why my first thought was about difficulty and not of trying!

As an arts teacher, Shital Mehta, has used creative mediums to work with children from diverse backgrounds. She started Kids with Compassion to engage children in creative activities that foster values such as compassion, concern and gratitude.

gratitude, moved by love, little acts of kindness, shativan, kids with compassion, #noage4volunteering, no age for volunteering,
Children writing down what they are grateful for

I spent my whole morning reading and smiling through different activities that the children are involved in like Apun Ka Club, Drawing from Within, Cube of Compassion, Cube of Gratitude etc. and how they have expressed the change it has brought in them. Little heroes have been doing little acts of kindness and appreciating what they have instead of what they want! That’s the shift!

A shift from “What we Want” to “What we Have”

Another blogger, Shaalini who has had the pleasure of visiting and meeting these children shares her experience here.

While every activity is amazing, what I loved most was identifying neighbourhood heroes.

The children went out in their communities and identified everyday “invisible” heroes who serve them with kindness and compassion. Be it the lift operator, the house help, the building watchman, the local shop keeper or the bus marshal. These stories by children are bound to make anyone’s day!  They also force us to notice the good that is constantly around us.

They bring a shift in the way we see things around us. And as we practice it regularly, we experience an abundance in what we have and that brings happiness!

gratitude, moved by love, little acts of kindness, shativan, kids with compassion, #noage4volunteering, no age for volunteering, children volunteers, volunteering activities for children
From Gratitude to Abundance to Happiness;                                                                                      A shift from what we want to what we have.

Quoting Shital’s response (from Shaalini’s blog):

“Gratitude and Compassion always unlock the potential of children – irrespective of social status. You see how empowering it is for a child from a slum being generous towards someone who is poorer in his community. By using Art, I then allow them to express these values creatively!”

“But the greatest gift has been practicing these values in my life, and being transformed within”

Reading about Kids with Compassion also reminded me of Katie’s experience of volunteering as a child and how it shaped her life! Have you experienced kindness from children? We would love to know and write about children volunteering.

All images are from Kids with Compassion website.

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