Myth Buster – Online Volunteering primary mean technology-related tasks

Online Volunteering, myth busted
Online Volunteering is much more than technology related tasks!

I’ve been engaged in online volunteering (also called virtual volunteering, cyber service and many other names!) since some time now. One of the most common myth around online volunteering is that the tasks are all technology related and if you aren’t a tech person, you can possibly not do much in terms of virtual volunteering! Little time on any of the online volunteering websites will show how wrong that is. While online volunteering involves use of technology (a computer/ phone and an Internet connection); the tasks are diverse. Online volunteering opportunities consist of a variety of non-technology tasks such as mentoring youth, writing and editing; sending a card; consulting NGO on various aspects such as HR, fundraising etc; translation and research.

The tasks and the act of volunteering remains more or less the same; the Internet has just brought in more innovative ways to get involved. Here are some sites where you can find out virtual or online volunteering opportunities.

  1. UN Online volunteering portal
  2. Help from Home
  3. Sparked
  4. Bright Works

Apart from these sites, many NGOs directly offer opportunities for volunteering from home. Do let us know of more sites that we can add to the list.

I was actually amazed when I came across a post by Jayne Cravens, who has been using, studying, documenting and promoting online volunteering since 1995. In this post she talks about 17 common myths around virtual volunteering! Check out the first one there. I was shocked that it could be a common conception that virtual volunteering is for people who do not have time!

Know of more myths around online volunteering or volunteering in general? Share with us here!

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