No age limit for volunteering – Marie, 91

When I started to look for stories on the theme – there is no age limit for volunteering, I was amazed to see so many senior citizens and children helping around, volunteering and spreading joy. From 4 year old to 91 year old, volunteers have shown that there is no age limit when it comes to bringing joy to others. And I don’t want to lose those stories. I have thus decided to keep “No age limit for Volunteering” as an ongoing series where I will bring together volunteering stories from the two end of the age spectrum. 

no age limit for volunteering
91 year old Marie spends her Thursdays bringing joy to the residents of Bethesda Dilworth through her music!

Marie Zucchero, 91 has been volunteering at Bethesda Dilworth, a nursing home for seniors in Missouri, U.S.A., for more than 35 years. It started with her singing little Italian songs for her mother who was a resident there. And then one day someone listened to her and asked if she would do it regularly for all the residents.

That was 35 years ago and Marie hasn’t looked back. Every Thursday she arrives at the nursing home with songs that not only make great music, but life for people at Bethesda Dilworth a little richer.

“It just makes me happy to make them happy,” Marie

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