Seva Café or Sanskaar Café?

seva cafe, living is giving, volunteering at seva cafeEvery time I volunteer at Seva Cafe, I learn something new, I meet someone inspiring and I’m filled with this happy warmth from inside :). This weekend I was back in Ahmedabad for volunteering at Seva Café and while there is so much to write about what I want to share is something very beautiful that I was lucky to hear.

On Saturday, Multidots, a web developing company was celebrating a Joy of Giving day and they decided to celebrate it by volunteering at Seva Café. Before they all sat down for dinner; Bhaskar bhai and Raghu bhai gave them a short introduction of Seva Café. Then they asked Nandika, a regular volunteer there, to share her experience. I didn’t know Nandika and I thought she was just another volunteer but what she shared was so beautiful, so pure that I was smiling all the way. I might not be able to recollect it exact, but I will definitely get the essence of what she said here.

She started by telling us how she wasn’t used to of doing things around home. She would simply be sitting when her mom would be cooking or cleaning or doing other chores at home. She would just watch and mostly she wouldn’t even notice. It was the same when they started coming to Seva Café to volunteer as a family. Then slowly after a few visits, when she saw everyone helping out, she would help do the dishes (something that she had never done at home) or clean the floor or clean the tables. Even before she realized what was happening she was actually helping out doing these things at home. Before if the maid didn’t come, her mom would be a little stressed, but now they know that between them they will finish the work and that it’s not difficult.

What followed was something I would not have expected from a child, who looked no older than 12 years old. She said

I don’t doubt that my parents would have taught me this at home; I don’t doubt that I would not understand the joy of helping others; but at Seva Café I could see it. It didn’t require for someone to tell me or teach me; I could experience it. And that’s why I feel my dad rightly calls Seva Café as Sanskaar Café


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