‘Do you believe stories can change the world’?

Every story completes the world.

On a journey to discover stories of positive change.

Yaatra. the word that connects with the world. different places, different people, different stories, new learning, joy,peace and happiness.

YES!i am the Change yaatra is about discovering positive stories, everyday heroes who are doing small kindness acts so invisibly. Negativity has become the first thing in morning we get from newspapers. We actually have to go through the news paper and look hard to find positivism. There are positive stories out there, somewhere and we will have to  find it. All we need to do is to open the eyes wide and have faith that they are there,somewhere and for that the tool is camera.

Do you have a camera? then go out, capture a story and share. Bring them out and share with the world. to pin an example, an old man in Ahmedabad gives roses to the patients of civil hospital everyday. Such a small thing yet touching. Another uncle plays Gandhi bhajans on his cycle tape and believes that it will spread positive vibes in nature. So we don’t know each of them yet they are there, doing this random act of kindness and love selflessly. The least we can do is share their stories with others. We never know, even by just sharing, somebody else in the different corner of the world will get inspired to do a noble cause or selfless act.

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Watch out for the Darshini van and the team!

So Yes I am the change team is on the road to discover such powerful stories, to meet inspiring yet invisible heroes and to share the Change in all of us. All we need to do is believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the power of one.
Lets make this world a beautiful place. One story at a time.

Catch the Moments : http://on.fb.me/17WjagJ
YES! i am the Change: http://www.yesiamthechange.org/

Read Sandeep’s journey on the move: http://yaatradiaries.blogspot.in/

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