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Idgah, Eid mubarak, stories of love and kindness, acts of kindness

Idgah – Eid Mubarak

Couldn’t help but share this beautiful story Idgah by Munshi Premchand today on Eid. A beautiful story of love, kindness and sacrifice …

volunteering as a way of life, what is volunteering, bhadra ben rajkot

Spreading smiles

Recently, Neerad’s post of Spreading Smiles in Rajkot, brought back memories of a guy (we used to call him kaka) who used …

letters to strangers, dear stranger, reaching out to stranger, act of kindness, random acts of kindness, little acts of kindness

Letters to strangers

It’s amazing how an idea transforms into action. And before that it’s amazing how ideas come into being. I was reading an …

SMILE deck, SMILE cards, random acts of kindness, pay it forward, little acts of kindness

My very own SMILE Deck

A SMILE card is a gift from someone who received it before you. Since it’s an anonymous gift, you cannot pay anyone …

fly away penguin video, gratitube, gratitude, acts of kindness, friendship

GratiTUBE: Fly Away Penguin

A beautiful expression to the Joy of Giving: A young boy helps his penguin friend defy gravity and fly. This is among …

In a gentle way you can shake the world

Time to celebrate

The curtain is falling. The year is drawing to a close. Last night as I lay down, I was wondering what should …


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