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random acts of kindness, free hugs, Vadodara, Baroda, volunteer in India, reaching out to strangers

Sunday Smiles!

Here’s a simple recipe for making a lot of smiles! Ingredients One girl. One big bunch of balloons. Lots of strangers. Method …

acts of kindness, reaching out to strangers, moved by love, happy sunday, random acts of kindness, posters on the street, spreading smiles

Happy Sunday

Ever watched as the traffic goes by at a crossing? How many smiles do you see? Especially when it’s raining as well. …

free hugs, reaching out to strangers, love, spreading love, moved by love

A little magic: Free Hugs

Religions dissolved, apprehensions inhibited, hearts bridged and love overflowed when a group of volunteers in Baroda spent a Saturday morning spreading love and …


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