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random acts of kindness, kindness boomerang, what you give comes back to you

gratiTUBE: Kindness Boomerang

Kindness Boomerang. Loved the name and the video! What you give comes back to you and this video shows it best. An …


A tale of abundance

When I first met Kirti, I felt that I knew him from before. All I knew about him was he is this …

letters to strangers, dear stranger, reaching out to stranger, act of kindness, random acts of kindness, little acts of kindness

Letters to strangers

It’s amazing how an idea transforms into action. And before that it’s amazing how ideas come into being. I was reading an …

Gratitube, love knows no limits, a lion called christian, christian the lion, animal welfare, friendship, love between man and animal, man and animal

GratiTUBE: Love knows no limits

Love knows no limits and True friendships last a lifetime Lately when I’ve been a little unwell, my dear friends kept sending me beautiful …


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