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volunteering with children, compassionate kids, teaching giving to children, child volunteers, no age limit for volunteering, #noage4volunteering

Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. Children learn valuable skills while “on the job.” …

senior volunteering, why should seniors volunteer, benefits of volunteering to seniors, no age for volunteering, no age limit to volunteer, #noage4volunteering

We need more senior volunteers!

Volunteering is for everyone. There is no upper or lower age limit to volunteering. Children, youth or seniors, the benefits of volunteering …

gratitude, moved by love, little acts of kindness, shativan, kids with compassion, #noage4volunteering, no age for volunteering, children volunteers, volunteering activities for children

Kids with Compassion

I recently read a quote, “Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to …

seva cafe, living is giving, volunteering at seva cafe

Seva Café or Sanskaar Café?

Every time I volunteer at Seva Cafe, I learn something new, I meet someone inspiring and I’m filled with this happy warmth …

GratiTUBE, Kid President, always be awesome, inspiring videos

GratiTUBE: Always Be AWESOME!

“This is life people. We got air for free and nose! And a heart beat… that means it’s time to do something” …


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