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volunteering with children

Volunteering with children in Luanda, Angola

Change is just a smile away

My name is Luísa Gaspar. I am sixteen years old. I come from Aveiro, Portugal. A month ago, I left home and …

volunteering with children, teaching kids the importance of hand hygiene, volunteering on global hand wash day

Wash wash wash your hands ….

It all began with a statistics. More than 3.5 million children do not  live to celebrate their 5th birthday. The cause? diarrhoea, …

volunteer with children, miguel volunteering to take theatre sessions, theatre for kids, fundacao rate e culture, volunteering in Angola, Volunteering in Luanda

The circle of Volunteering

“It’s amazing to see the girls giving back..” said Ana. Ana is the volunteer co-ordinator at the foundation where I volunteer. One …

Being Palanca, see palanca, teaching values to children, volunteering with children, volunteering in Luanda, Volunteering in Angola

Being Palanca

Palanca is an endangered species of the Angolan wildlife but it is more than just that. It’s a national symbol that represents …

parenting and volunteering - easy science experiments with children

Our Science Club – Part II

Water-play Continuing with our fun science club activities the next day we played with Water. Understanding how water changes between different forms …


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