Time to celebrate

The curtain is falling. The year is drawing to a close. Last night as I lay down, I was wondering what should a year end post be about?

Should it be about resolutions?

Should it be about getting inspired and inspiring others? Should I share stories that answer why should we volunteer?

Should it be about giving ideas about volunteering activities; ideas on how to give back during the holidays or ideas on how to volunteer?

But then I thought it should be about each one of us. It should be about individual acts. It’s amazing how little acts of kindness have a way of becoming large. They are like a ripple effect. It starts with a feeling of joy and satisfaction and then dawns the sense of our place in the society and how in a gentle way, we can change the world.

I want to share my favourite kindness video that I stumbled upon purely by accident!

I believe each one of us has been a hero for someone this year and likewise many people have been heroes for us. This New Year’s eve I am celebrating them; I am celebrating us. Who are you celebrating?

Happy New Year!

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