Reintegrating families – volunteering to end the modern day slavery

iVolunteer, Volunteer Awards, Kushal TannaKushal Tanna is a web developer by profession. He narrates how his volunteering journey began, “It was nearly one and a half years ago when a very close family friend requested me to help her sister create a website for her organization. I instantly recalled that she was the same brave lady who recently rescued nearly 35 girls from a sex racket. I was enthusiastic and excited that my small contribution can help those stuck in this modern day slavery. I decided to gift the website to them and their mission.”

One thing led to another and Kushal started volunteering with WCWF- Women and Child Welfare Foundation to develop their website. Soon he realised he also wanted to help in conducting rescue operations.

Today he not only participates and conducts but also leads rescue operations. He has rescued and reunited several child labourers and trafficking victims with their families.

His voluntary work has helped the police uncover and bust a network of traffickers that kidnap and force women into trafficking. His voluntary work is radical in nature requiring patience, sensitivity and courage. It is not uncommon for him to receive threats when he is working towards rescuing women or even freeing child labourers.

Narrating one such difficult rescue operation he says, “Police helped us raid the place thrice but all the three times the raid failed. Finally after three attempts police warned the brothel keeper if the girl was not released they will raid every house of the area every day and with that fear the girl was finally released and we were able to reintegrate her with her family.”

“The biggest challenge was to convince my family to accept the kind of volunteer work I do,” but he was able to overcome this with help from the organisation and support of fellow volunteers.

“When everyone else is silent about wrong someone has to raise their voice for the right. We can be that voice” – Kushal

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