Volunteers celebrate Mango season with children!

For many of us summer equals mangoes! This year three such mango fans who are also ardent volunteers – Anamika, Eshwari and Rohit decided to share this lovely treat with children at a Rainbow Home* in Kodihalli, Bangalore.

The trio spread the word around and another 15 or so volunteers joined in to organize the celebrations on Sunday, June 30, 2013. The mango fest began of course by feasting on mangoes! Volunteers and staff members got together to wash, clean, cut and distribute the mangoes. Then they joined in the feasting themselves!

This celebration was followed by another equally fun birthday celebration. Volunteer Aashish celebrated his birthday and a special mango squash cake was made for him.

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Volunteers and children in Mango Mania! 🙂

After a lovely flute performance for the children by volunteer Pankaj Dixit, it was time for a little running around! Fun and games like tug of war, dodge-ball and simply running around brought the celebrations to a crescendo, leaving all who were part of the celebration tired but rejuvenated and happy; proving once again that even a small act of caring, like sharing a mango, creates unending ripples of joy.

(*‘Rainbow Home’ is a shelter that provides comprehensive care to vulnerable and at risk girls living on the streets, within the premises of a government school.)

Enjoy more pictures of the day on iVolunteer facebook page!

This volunteer experience was first shared on iVolunteer’s blog and is republished here with permission.

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