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One year ago on 5th December 2012, Volunteer Weekly went live. It wasn’t a coincidence that the day was International Volunteers Day. When we started we didn’t know where it was heading (and don’t know that even now! :D). All there was, was a wish to celebrate volunteerism. A wish that people want to read about volunteering; that people want to share their volunteering stories and that everyone wants a better volunteering experience.

Volunteer Weekly started with one contributor; with the hope that more would join and many did. Today we want to thank all who gifted their experiences; their insights by writing and sharing at Volunteer Weekly.

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Thank you for your gifts!! :

We are celebrating today by gifting handmade love to strangers and friends we come across and we are so excited to feel the ripples of art with heart spreading!

One year on we still don’t know where we are heading. We still have the same wish to celebrate volunteerism. We still hope that many would gift their volunteering stories and insights for a better volunteering experience for others! 🙂

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