When I heard “Ram Ram Udaipur”

On the Yes I am the Change Yaatra, Udaipur was the first hub for screening inspiring films. And I came across to this group, Ram Ram Udaipur. Ram Ram Udaipur is a voluntary initiative by a group of enthusiastic youngsters to capture and present inspiring stories happening in the heart of the beautiful city of Udaipur. That took my interest and when I met the group I was so inspired by one the volunteers – Govind.

Govind is an amazing photographer. Govind has only one hand and three fingers. His father owns a small shop and Monday through Saturday Govind works with his father in the shop. On Sunday’s he does what he loves – photography. He does not own a camera himself but borrows from others.

ram ram udaipur, volunteer storyteller, yes I am the change
Govind capturing the beauty in his camera 🙂

What moved me most was the type of stories he was sharing. Udaipur is one of the prime tourist locations in India and it would have been easy to shoot and present the beauty of the city but what Govind and other volunteers of Ram Ram Udaipur shoot and present is the inner beauty of Udaipur. They share the beauty of the people of Udaipur – a woman who takes in any and every animal that needs care; a boy who is trying to bring back traditional organic food and sustainable farming; a girl who is teaching children how to cycle not just for the environment but to develop confidence in the girl, a bunch of swimmers who every day volunteer to clean Fateh Sagar (one of the most frequented lakes by locals and tourists alike) or the inmates of Udaipur’s central prison who have converted the prison walls into Udaipur’s biggest art gallery!

Ram Ram Udaipur was started by Kishan Prajapat and Karan Singh who are also associated with Swaraj University, Udaipur. Their stories have made Udaipur residents come to know about the everyday heroes living right among them. I still remember the zeal in kishan’s eyes when he spoke about the people and the stories they have come across and their own work to spread these stories. His passion gives me hope, faith and inspiration. Being the first online channel show in Mewari Language, Ram Ram udaipur inspires youth and people for swaraj and localization.

ram ram udaipur, yes I am the change, kishan prajapat, karan singh, govind,
Govind, Kishan and Karan – the team at Ram Ram

During my yaatra, I shared this story everywhere and many were inspired and moved. Many accessed their youtube channel to know more about them and to listen to the stories.

Here’s the first episode they created:


They are changing the world – one story at a time!


Blessed to be connected. 🙂

Peace. Joy. Smiles. 🙂

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