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Volunteer Weekly is a resource pool for ideas and insights on volunteering. We hope the wide range of articles on our blog will be of help to both volunteers and organisation and enhance their volunteering experiences.

We are constantly looking out for people and organisations to share their experience with volunteering/ volunteers. It is your experience that will inspire others to get out there and see for themselves how they can bring a change.

Every writer is a team member. We would love to feature you!




Step 1 – Identify a topic you want to write on.

It may be your personal volunteering experience or any area of volunteer engagement such as volunteer recruitment; project identification; volunteer travel; family volunteering etc. It’s fine even if there is no clear topic. Volunteering cannot be divided into water tight compartments.

Step 2 – Email us your topic idea(s)/ first thoughts.

If you have a story ready and written down, it’s great but if you have an idea and you want to develop it further; we can help you with that. Please send us a little background on yourself and the topic (s) you have in mind.

Step 3 – Email us the post.

Please do include some pictures in the post. Also send us a picture of yourself and an author’s bio (about 100 words). If you have a website or a blog, do include a link for that in your bio. Readers love to know more about the authors!

Step 4 – Editing.

If we do any edits to your post, we will send to you for approval before publishing. We would format your post and put it into the publishing queue.

Step 5 – Published!

Once your post is published, we will send you an email. We will share it with our subscribers and on social media. We encourage you to do the same!

We look forward to your contribution

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