Q1. What is Volunteer Weekly?

Volunteer Weekly is a not-for-profit knowledge platform on volunteering. It is a space to bring together stories and resources around volunteering.

Q2. Who can benefit from Volunteer Weekly?

Anyone who is interested in, or curious about, volunteering.  

For example: Individuals can benefit by reading other’s stories and also sharing their own volunteering experiences and challenges. NGOs can identify resources on volunteer management and also create awareness by sharing posts on their work and their present involvement with volunteers. Corporate organisations can read about current CSR and Employee Volunteering trends and case studies and also read about the work of different NGOs.

It’s also a great place to interact and network with like-minded people!

Q3. Who can contribute to Volunteer Weekly?

Anybody can contribute to Volunteer Weekly. Read more about how you can write for Volunteer Weekly.  Contact us, if you want to write on Volunteer Weekly or have come across a story elsewhere that should be featured here.

Q4. How can I support Volunteer Weekly?

Volunteer Weekly runs largely by stories and ideas contributed by its readers. Besides contributing content, you can support Volunteer Weekly by spreading word about the website and help us reach more people. You can also share your opinion and participate in discussions on volunteering on our facebook and twitter page.

Have an unanswered question? We would love to answer it, write to us now.

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