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Volunteering has evolved a lot over time and we continuously try to cover different aspects of volunteering for both individuals and organisations in this section. Starting with What is volunteering and different types of volunteering we move on how to find the right volunteer or how to find the right volunteering opportunity and much more.

volunteering with children, compassionate kids, teaching giving to children, child volunteers, no age limit for volunteering, #noage4volunteering

Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. Children learn valuable skills while “on the job.” …

fireflies, autism awareness, gratiTUBE, jubilee project

GratiTUBE: Fireflies!

I love fireflies… … they send secret messages to each other. “Fireflies” is a beautiful story of love and friendship. In this …

senior volunteering, why should seniors volunteer, benefits of volunteering to seniors, no age for volunteering, no age limit to volunteer, #noage4volunteering

We need more senior volunteers!

Volunteering is for everyone. There is no upper or lower age limit to volunteering. Children, youth or seniors, the benefits of volunteering …

letters to strangers, dear stranger, reaching out to stranger, act of kindness, random acts of kindness, little acts of kindness

Letters to strangers

It’s amazing how an idea transforms into action. And before that it’s amazing how ideas come into being. I was reading an …


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