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Volunteering need not be a planned or a grandiose thing; it can be as simple as smiling to a stranger. Read how people like you and me are making this world a better place in their own unique ways.

Volunteering in Costa Rica, Volunteer travel, Danica Hubbard, Naperville Sun

Experience something new!

It was a tragedy that made volunteering and helping others the center of Danica Hubbard’s life. Reading about Danica’s volunteering journey reminded …

volunteering as a way of life, what is volunteering, bhadra ben rajkot

Spreading smiles

Recently, Neerad’s post of Spreading Smiles in Rajkot, brought back memories of a guy (we used to call him kaka) who used …

parenting and volunteering - easy science experiments with children

Our Science Club – Part II

Water-play Continuing with our fun science club activities the next day we played with Water. Understanding how water changes between different forms …

Volunteer for a cause close to your heart, the secret to volunteering

The Volunteer’s Secret

Sometime back I was wondering what is the secret to volunteering? What is it that one thing which if organisations and volunteers …

how to make papier mache bowls, art with heart, volunteering activities with children

Papier Mache bowls

It was a rainy day, I had a feeling that not many kids will turn up in the foundation after school, but …

We can change the world

Ding, ding! I hear my alarm go off. As I reached to turn off my alarm, I was glad I set it …


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