Energiser Series: Creating Rain Storm

Claps are awesome! Claps make a lot of noise and a lot of noise is what you need to get the attention of children (and adults alike!). No wonder there are so many energisers and ice-breakers with claps.

Just last month, I learnt making rain with claps and it was a huge success when I did that after my art with heart session with kids. Ever since then I have done that with different groups, wherever I went volunteering or wherever I was in a group that needed a little entertainment and once even at the airport! 🙂 It was just 3 kids at the airport, so we didn’t make enough noise!

While I did post the steps of the rain clap energiser with the post, but recently I came across this amazing video where a group created rain storm with hand and feet motions on stage. This one is a more genuine rain storm than the rain clap energiser. Next time when I’m volunteering with a group of children I’m definitely trying this one!

Step-by-step for “Rain Storm” energiser

Everyone stands in a circle. Beginning with the leader, all the participants follow a series of motions like a wave creating the effect of a storm approaching, staying on and then drifting away. The participants join in one-by-one. You start after the person on your left has started. This way the sound builds and moves.

  1. Rub palms together (rising wind)
  2. Snap fingers (first drops of rain)
  3. Pat hands on thighs (harder rain)
  4. Pat hands on thighs & stomp feet on floor simultaneously (adding thunder to rain)
  5. Just pat hands on thighs (thunder moves on)
  6. Snap fingers (rain is stopping)
  7. Rub palms together (winds moving on)
  8. Put hands at your sides (storm moves on)

“And we just made rain!”

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