Small acts of kindness and appreciation!

Volunteering is not only about going to an NGO and helping in their work or helping beneficiaries; volunteering is a way of life. It’s the small acts of kindness and appreciation that go a long way and leave you warm. Prarthana recounts her experience during a recent Delhi-Nepal travel to emphasize the importance of kindness to strangers.

Small acts of kindness and appreciation can make a big difference
Make volunteering a way of life.

When I landed at Delhi airport this morning and went to rest room (susugrah/ssg in my language :)) it was so clean that I appreciated the cleaning lady saying, “bahut clean rakha hain aapne, very good” (You have maintained it very clean, very good). She politely replied “Thanks ma’am, can you write it on our daily cleaning sheet under comments” I wrote and appreciated the girls and could instantly feel how honored they felt. People are always forthcoming in complaints, but we become a little thrifty when it comes to compliments!

When I went out, I saw there was an orchestra, not sure if anyone was listening to them but both the male and female singers were singing with full dedication and interest, soft English songs. This was while my boarding had started; I just went to the girl after she finished her song and told her she had a lovely voice, to which I was rewarded by a very cute smile on her face.

After a 2 hour flight, I landed in Nepal. At the airport an old lady was trying to get down the stairs of the airport Bus and on last 2 steps I gave her my hand for support. She got down and said, “my child my whole weight was on you, thanks so much my daughter.”

I didn’t even realize that one such small help would mean so much. I am not writing this to boost myself but I feel at times we just think something is good or someone is doing good but fail to appreciate or fail to offer help thinking the other person might not need it.

Even if it’s something small, please do not fail to appreciate, believe me, you never know how you would have impacted someone by this little act of appreciation.

If you have a kindness story to share, do send it to us.

Want to do something kind, but just can think of what to do? Here are some ideas from Help Others and Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

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