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gratiTUBE: You are Loved!

Oh, how He loves us so… If only we always remember that and keep that love ripple going! Beautiful video of a …

random acts of kindness, free hugs, Vadodara, Baroda, volunteer in India, reaching out to strangers

Sunday Smiles!

Here’s a simple recipe for making a lot of smiles! Ingredients One girl. One big bunch of balloons. Lots of strangers. Method …

reach out to strangers, reaching out to strangers, touching strangers, gratiTUBE,

gratiTUBE: One family

“I felt like it brought down a lot of barriers.” In this amazing “On the Road” experiment, photographer Richard Renaldi brings together …

random acts of kindness, kindness boomerang, what you give comes back to you

gratiTUBE: Kindness Boomerang

Kindness Boomerang. Loved the name and the video! What you give comes back to you and this video shows it best. An …


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