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Idgah, Eid mubarak, stories of love and kindness, acts of kindness

Idgah – Eid Mubarak

Couldn’t help but share this beautiful story Idgah by Munshi Premchand today on Eid. A beautiful story of love, kindness and sacrifice …

acts of kindness, reaching out to strangers, moved by love, happy sunday, random acts of kindness, posters on the street, spreading smiles

Happy Sunday

Ever watched as the traffic goes by at a crossing? How many smiles do you see? Especially when it’s raining as well. …

love the stranger, reach out to strangers, asking lifts, building trust, an experiment in trust, kindness, random acts of kindness

An experiment in trust

25 years ago, my home was said to be in the outskirts of a city. It was on a highway with a …

Mr Happy Man, gratitube, love, random acts of kindness, reaching out to strangers,

gratiTUBE: Mr. Happy Man!

“If we learned to love one another, there’d be no wars, be no killing, be no raping, be no fighting. We human …

free hugs, reaching out to strangers, love, spreading love, moved by love

A little magic: Free Hugs

Religions dissolved, apprehensions inhibited, hearts bridged and love overflowed when a group of volunteers in Baroda spent a Saturday morning spreading love and …

letters to strangers, reaching out to strangers, moved by love, more love letters, spreading love

To you … With Love

A few days ago I read Ashima’s post on how the Wednesday meditation group in Vadodara wrote letters to strangers, inspired by a movement started …

Gratitube, love knows no limits, a lion called christian, christian the lion, animal welfare, friendship, love between man and animal, man and animal

GratiTUBE: Love knows no limits

Love knows no limits and True friendships last a lifetime Lately when I’ve been a little unwell, my dear friends kept sending me beautiful …


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