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GratiTUBE: Fly Away Penguin

A beautiful expression to the Joy of Giving: A young boy helps his penguin friend defy gravity and fly. This is among …

Hatt Harding, gratiTUBE, where the hell is matt, volunteer travel,

GratiTUBE: Let’s Dance!

Remember we’re lost together Remember we’re the same We hold the burning rhythm in our hearts We hold the flame -from the …

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step; first step to volunteering; Martin Luther king

The First Step…

I was waiting for the train, not on the station but near a railway crossing, school was over and I wanted to reach home as …

Birds of Hope

The little Birds of Hope

There is no age limit for volunteering and we would keep repeating this! 80 or 8, age is just a number. We …

Microvolunteering, online volunteering, the rise of micro-volunteering

The Rise of Microvolunteering

“the trend towards short-term volunteering from the weekend or one day warrior to the microvolunteer is no longer a trend but a …


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